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Welcome to the website of Addison County Readers, Inc. We are a not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting early literacy and future school success.

Central to this mission is our sponsorship of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a program that sends a book each month to the home of each registered child (birth through five years of age) at no cost to the family. Children of different ages receive different titles; the books are carefully selected and are the children’s to keep.


  • Please browse through our website. If you are a parent of an Addison County preschooler who is not registered for the   Imagination Library, you are invited to enroll your child. If there is more than one preschooler in your family, each child can be registered separately and will receive his/her own book. Parents report that their children love these books and look forward to their arrival in the mail.  To see a representative list of titles, click here.

Volunteers at Addison County Readers, Inc., are responsible for raising the $30 per child per year that it costs to deliver books to over 1,000 Addison County preschoolers currently enrolled in the program.  We are funded by donations from local organizations and towns, private donors, grants, and through other fund raising activities. We welcome your support, either through a donation or through assisting ACR, Inc. as a volunteer. Please contact us to become involved.

ACR, Inc. partners with Ilsley Library in Middlebury which provides database and logistical support and the United Way of Addison County which acts as our fiscal agent.

More about Addison County Readers, Inc.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library was introduced to Addison County by Ilsley Public Library in 2007 and was originally open only to residents of Middlebury. Continue reading

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