What Parents Say About the Imagination Library

In a survey completed in March/April of 2019, parents of current participants or graduates were offered the option of commenting on the Imagination Library. Many chose to add a response. Included here are some examples of what they had to say.

Its Impact on their Children:

The imagination library is a truly wonderful program.  One unexpected benefit, as our child receives the same books as other children his age, they are able to talk about/experience the content together.  What a nice way to build community.

I think the program is a wonderful one.  Both of my daughters have participated in the program.  The excitement of getting their own books in the mail is delightful to see, and many of the books are ones that get pulled off the bookshelves to be read over and over again.

This is an amazing program!  Both of my children get so excited when they get a book in the mail and want to read it right away.

I think its wonderful that this program is available to all families and that the books are addressed directly to the children, so they have a sense of ownership.

I loved this program and my kids love owning their own books!

My child is super excited when a new book arrives in the mail.

Its Impact on the Parent /Child Relationship

We love this program!!!  My son is so excited to receive mail & more specifically a new book to read. Since being a part of this program we have made a change from buying toys and snacks on occasion to buying books.  It is the most precious time of our day.  He’s not a cuddly kid, but when we read together he sits close by and occasionally rests his hand on my arm.  Reading to my son is my favorite activity with him!

Love this program and think it’s a great initiator for parents to begin to read to their children.

We have been reading to our children every night since my oldest son, who is now almost 7, was born.  We continue with the nighttime reading and they love it.  It’s a great way to wrap up the day and do a little quiet time before bed.

Our son is only a year old but loves grabbing books off the shelf and sitting in our laps to read.

Its Impact on Learning and Literacy

My child looks forward to receiving the new books every month, and the books are often different than the ones I buy, creating more diversity in our home library.  We love this program so much!

We are a family of readers so the program hasn’t made us more likely to read but it’s definitely brought new favorite stories into our family and our older son gets so excited when they come each month.

I appreciate the diversity of the books so far.  They are different than what we have and our child has taken to them quite quickly.

“Night House, Bright House” was a hit with both of my kids, rhyming is so crucial to learning to read.  I’ve recommended it to so many people!

This is amazing because we have no money for books.

This is a wonderful program that has brought so many high quality books into our home.

We have a lot of books in our home and read a lot.  Still, I enjoy the Imagination Library and make a point to read them when they arrive.

We love the program.  Used it with all three children.  I value that someone else is choosing the books, it allows us to expose our children to different interests and values.