What Parents Say About the Imagination Library

In a survey completed in March/April of 2016, parents of current participants or graduates were offered the option of commenting on the Imagination Library. Many chose to add a response. Included here are some examples of what they had to say.

Its Impact on their Children:

 This program has been a precious gift to my daughter. It is a monthly miracle in the mailbox! We are all so very grateful to Dolly Parton and the Imagination Library and Addison County Readers Program coordinators and volunteers, so much so that words are insufficient.

My daughter is so excited when she receives her books each month. It makes her fall in love with reading again and again.

 He loves getting a package in the mail addressed just for him!

We were so pleased to be able to enroll and really appreciate the books. My daughter is so excited when she gets one in the mail each month, and my son (now 6) felt the same when he did. Thank you for all of your hard work that keeps this program going.

This program is great! All of 3 of my children love receiving their books in the mail and reading them immediately!

Its Impact on the Parent /Child Relationship

It gives my daughter and I something special to do together that we could look forward to. The tips on what to talk about before and after reading the book are great.

My child isn’t one to sit down & read page by page. He loves to look at the pictures & point out everything to me! We look forward to the day we get his book in the mailbox, thank you so very much for this program!!!

I love this wonderful program! Mom & Dad and baby (8 months) are all excited to get a new book in the mail each month. Also, I love that this program sends books I may not have selected or didn’t know about. It is AWESOME!!!

It’s great that they are sending age appropriate board books. She is only 8.5 months old, but she really likes to look at the colors and pictures, and it’s fun to get a new book in the mail once a month to read with her!!

My daughter absolutely loves getting her new book in the mail each month, we will read her new book more than once a day everyday!

Its Impact on Learning and Literacy

My baby is just 9 months. I do think this is helping her to have her own books to look at, chew on and enjoy (we cannot trust her yet with library books as she rips pages sometimes because these books are her own she can enjoy them as she likes and we can teach her about how to care for books). She is learning words and is very interested in hearing stories. We love, “The Little Engine That Could” — we are SO grateful for this program. Thank you, Dolly and all the wonderful staff near and far who make this happen for us! We are so thankful to you!

This is a wonderful program! As a middle income family, we never would have been able to buy a book a month, and these continue to be some of all time favorites!

Our family loves books! Even though we have a large collection of books between our two children my youngest loves receiving her new book every month. We have been introduced to new characters through Dolly’s imagination Library and have purchased similar series or characters because of the books we have received. Thank you!

 The Legacy of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

My 11 year old LOVED the books. We read them over and over again together and when he started kindergarten, he already knew a lot. Now he is an avid reader (he’s read the Harry Potter series 4 times!) and I think it all goes back to all that reading to him as a baby and toddler!

 My daughter is now in kindergarten and she still loves her Dolly Parton books. She has a special shelf for her collection of books.

What a fabulous program! My child looked forward to getting the mail and receiving a new book! These books were all good, quality reads! Thank you! It encouraged us to read and buy more books.

We absolutely loved getting these books in the mail. My son would want to read 3 or more books every night at bedtime. If we weren’t reading he liked to just sit with the pile of books and look at the pictures. The stories of these books also taught positive morals and values to my child and had positive messages.

It expanded our reading topics. We received books that we might not have bought. It was exciting to receive. We wish the program extended to older kids as well.

Each and every time the books arrived in the mail, our daughter would literally jump up and down with joy, always demanding reading time. The books were some of the most valuable learning tools we could have received. They are all in HDR book case in pristine conditions, still being used for daily reading, every day. God bless Dolly for her love and thoughtful gesture to children she has never even seen or met. These books are excellent early learning tools for every child that receives them each month before they being their formal education. Don’t stop them from reaching every young child they can, the difference will be very noticeable. Thank you.